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... Global recognition received and continue to grow since 2003 from dozens of countries that increase the awareness and the vision of "dots", thank you.

Outstanding working on: Africa; Computer Aid; HIV & Aids Awareness (NEW);  World Concerns... and many more from the 119 pages I have had running for over 10 years.

This "dots" Website or its specific directory of "dots" pages do not collect, store or distribute personal information of anyone to anyone for any reason for any purpose

Welcome the "dots" site; this Website is currently being completely reconstructed, but in the meantime ...

Prepare to be Be Inspired!

The "dots" wish that each New Year brings an Enlightened and more Concerned World ...

Thank you for your valued support and ALWAYS REMEMBER...

"It's not Mans' Earth but Earths' Man"

"Dots" rankings for research modules worked on for "World Community Grid"...

"the dots" is an Outreach website designed on the idea of looking into the qualities of the future and how to enhance it to improve the quality of thinking... the collation of the best of the past... the plans for things of the future... the makings of what can be changed to be accomplished today... full of the dot dot dots... the question for the answer... what comes next... thoughts for inspiration and designs to create well-being for one and all.

Having spent thousands of hours supporting WORLD CONCERNS, I have designed and created Websites and Publishing as a Volunteer in the capacity of "IT Web Design & Publishing Support Trustee Director" using every spare time I could muster... Now, I have broadened the prospects and have become involved in coordinating export of commercially used bulk computer equipment to the "Developing World". While all this being done, I am expanding my main site "the dots" here, to incorporate as many diverse topics as possible so as to encourage all interests to visit and keep returning to see what is new. Please do not be a stranger... keep coming back... You just never know what will appear next...


NEW 2017!

Please accept my profound apologies to those whom have acknowledged appreciation over the many years and whilst remaining equal to everyone due to my personal commitments at this time, and due to the significant reduction in ranking and reciprocal links just not appearing, I have been forced to reconsider the purpose of and look deeper into all those emails that have pleaded inclusion... However; unless the sites that approach me do NOT reciprocate the links onto their platform, it renders my outreach as fruitless as it diminishes its spread of awareness...

While I take all links into consideration, I will now be focussing on a re-model of my website and will re-launch later this year... I will be in direct contact with those whom maintained links and just trust that they will continue to do so while I revamp my content here...

A f[great big thank you to those that have actually supported me since 2003, but I really need to check absolutely everything all over again... bearing in mind the original content spread over 100 web pages, it will not be a short task...

Thank you all again who have actually supported the purpose so far...

"dots" Motto...

Try to develop the present to change the future that will enhance new memories of the past...